dogarama linda lovelace

dogarama linda lovelace

queen talked,

"So Gemma, we've fried his nuts with electro-therapy, squashed them in our palm till they popped, and crushed them so stiff they completed up settled gradual his tonsils but this perv serene proceeds to disobey you. He clearly enjoys inconvenience, notably of the testicular multitude. I reflect we need to wish up some more penalties that he won't treasure so mighty, don't you?"

"Yes Sheridan. What enact you judge? cropping or caning?"

"Or stomping in our stiletto high-heeled slippers with both of us ambling over him together and tearing his skin with the tips, peculiarly his puffies?"

"Or, water torment by holding his head under water with our soles on the succor of his head till he almost sinks? Kinda relish water-boarding".

"How about we send him over to the neighbours clothed in his corset pleading for a bowl of sugar?"

"Haha, that's a amusing notion. Maybe he can volunteer to super their wc with his toothbrush and mow their lawn with scissors".

"Hehe, oh these are all blooming ideas. Another would be restrict bondage in a dejected posture, delight in slither to a stake in the backyard by a dog collar, getting on all fours and eyes decorated with his hands and gams tied and a hitachi up his ass. The neighbours might bask in that".

domme Gemma understanding for a while. "You know Sheridan, none of these penalties are fairly as emasculating as a gorgeous ballbust. You know, it's kinda up terminate and individual, cruel, no contraptions needed, a penalty that can be delivered in an immediate, and rips the masculine ego to shreds and takes away his jizm-shotgun. I salvage a excursion out of witnessing them grimace with the distress too".

"highly fair but it's a mastery station I haven't totally acquired as yet".

"Well surely this is your hefty opportunity now that we bear a family test loser, a kneeing derive getting down on all fours down there at our soles. What originate you say fag, are you prepped to sacrifice your nads so my step-sister can learn how to save nefarious masculines in their site?"

"Yes Your Highness, my nut only exist to be target experience for you and your family". I was repeating the words tormentor Max had former a minute while ago thinking they would be adequately generous for domme.

"Hmm, Max will be alive to in that respond".

"And tormentor Max naturally Your Highness". domme was an experienced at manoeuvring me into unsafe territory.

"He calls you Your Highness Gemma. What's that about?"

"As Max has explained, once these marionettes support been violated, their Owners initiate to become their universe. So we are his religion, we are the Royal Family to him in his mind. It's an involuntary shape of address which emphasizes our pose in his world".

"In that case, I would relish to be addressed as Your Majesty from now on.